Our Team

Rage Powerboats is the brainchild of 
Mark Schnepf & 
Richard Stroffolino.

Mark brings 40+ years of heritage and experience in the fiberglass end of the business with design and fabrication of various plugs, hulls and molds.  He is experienced with a variety of companies such as Hustler, Cobra, Scorpion and Apache. However it’s his Activator Boats that dominated the factor one class for the past few decades.  Racing came as a natural progression, and becoming world champion was simply inevitable.
 Specializing in hulls that perform in the roughest most difficult water conditions are his passion and true talent.

Richie is the rigging and engine building specialist.  His racing career in V bottoms classes for 20 years has gained him much respect among his peers and also brought many projects to the shop. He currently services and maintains a fleet of mega machines at the 20,000 sq ft facility in Connecticut.

Together they have set out to build the best high performance sport boat in the market today. Using nothing but state of the art materials and methods in the industry, their product speaks for itself.

Rage powerboats looks forward to increasing the line of boats constantly.  They are also tooling a line of true center console fishing machines.

Rage Powerboats is committed to building the strongest, most comfortable high performance boats available. Ragepowerboats top speeds are attainable for even the novice boater. 

Using only the highest-grade vinyl ester resin and bi-directional fabrics vacuum bagged over various cores. Epoxy resin, kevlar and carbon fiber construction are available upon request.